We have 4 locations in Lagos, Portimão, Almancil and Vilamoura

Our Location in Lagos

Our Center in Lagos is located at the second floor above the PET clinique.

This Location is bright, calm and quiet, just a bit outside from the beautiful Lagos city center.

The address is: Rua Tristão de Cunha 48B, Lagos, Portugal


Our Location in Portimão

Our Center in Portimão is in: Praia da Rocha, Rua Avenida Tomás Cabreira, Building. Varandas do Sol nr 3

50 meter from the beautiful beach and cliffs.


Our Location in Almancil

Our Center in Almancil is in the center located next door the well-known hairdresser Véronique.

The address is: Rua, Manuel dos Santos Vaquinhas, lote 107, Almancil.


Our Location in Vilamoura

The address is: Vilamarina commercial centre loja 1.65, Av. Cerro da Vila, 8125-403

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